What could there be a recipe like if we didn't have onion? Taste of onions and the odor rounds out the flavors of any type of cuisine. To our cuisine, onions have added value for centuries and have been considered as having curative properties. The name indicates numerous different concentrically organized layers of the onion's marriage. Onion have believed to be cultivated for more than five thousand years they were regarded by the ancient Egyptians and are indigenous to Asia and the Middle East.


Onion can be found within fresh, frozen, canned and dehydrated forms. They may be utilized in almost all types of food, cooked, within fresh salads or as a garnish, and are usually cut or sliced. Onions are mainly utilized as an accompaniment to a main course and are seldom eaten on their very own. There are various kinds of onions which range from sharp and pungent to mild and sweet. Depending upon the variety, onions range in size, color and taste. The spring\/summer class includes onions that are grown in warm weather climates and have characteristic mild or sweet tastes.

This group comprises the Maui Sweet Onion, Vidalia and Walla. Storage blossoms are grown within colder weather climates and, after harvesting, can be dried out for a period of several months. They usually have a more pungent taste and are named by their colour! white, yellow or red. Spanish onions are categorized as storage onions. There are also smaller kinds of onions, like the green onion and the pearl onion. Onions are all members of the Allium family and are rich in strong sulfur containing compounds that are accountable for their pungent odours and for their numerous health promoting effects.

How to Plant Onions? Onions may be grown from sets seeds and transplant. When we cultivate onions from seeds you should plant the seeds inches apart and 3\/8 inch deep. The rows must be. And on the flip side, the bulb onions are ideal to grow from transplant. With growing from seeds the planting process is the same. By getting the onions planting sets may be may be grown, but needs to be thin out and bulbs will be grown into by others.

Maintaining onion Plants - since they grow Farming onion plants requires plenty of water. Nevertheless, as the plants mature, they don't need much of water. Although you just have to depend on rainwater, but ensure that the right amount is absorbed by the plants. Mulching might reduce the weeds and in the same time keep the soil humidity degree. Bear in mind to weed out once up the blossoms begin to grow so the weeds won't absorb the soil nutrients required by the onions.Nevertheless, you should be cautious when weeding and ensure to not disturb the roots of the onions. When the plants begin to yellow then it's the right time to collect the bulb onions. Ripening procedure may be induced by breaking the tops of the blossoms. And on the flip side, you can just harvest up the green onion as soon as it reaches 5 inches tall. The flavour depends upon how taller they get. Which implies that if you desire a strong flavour onion you should allow it grow taller.

Q.what's the optimum time for planting onion? A.Typically onion seeds are planted in mid October. Q.What temperature is best suited for onion farming? A.Temperature need to be 15-25 degree Celsius or 60-80 degree F. Onion needs uniform humidity through the growing season.

Red Onion Exporter in India

GLOBADYN CORPORATION is one of the leading Onion Exporters in  India. We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting & supplying wide variety of Onion to our valuable clients. Available in various counts and sizes, these are widely used in number of recipes, to add flavor and taste to dishes. Our teams of experts make certain that the products supplied by us delivered to clients on time and at reasonable prices. Drying, sorting and grading are done to assure the size of the Onion should be uniform throughout the shipment. We offer our clients with fresh quality Onion. These are procured from farmers and reliable vendors and are widely demanded in the market for their taste, freshness and nutrient content intact. Further, we store these onions in a well maintained cold storage, which in turns increases the perishability and original flavor of onion for longer period of time. Backed by state-of-art infrastructure set-up, we offer a premium quality range of Onion, which are available to add unforgettable flavor as well as aroma to the dishes plethora. In the preparation of various dishes, these products are used for adding flavors such as sauces, chutneys, pickles, masala bread, salad, tomato ketchup, meat sausages, breakfast foods and buns. Our products are available at most competitive prices to our clients. Features:

  • Crispy

  • Pungent taste

  • Rich aroma

Price Of Onion Today :

Specification:   25mm to 35mm  / 40mm to 60mm / 50mm to 70mm / 60mm to 80 mm upto 100 mm cross​-diameter

Quality: Fresh Red Onion Grade A , seven layers of peel

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):  13 MT

Cultivation type: Common

Shape: Round Ball

Style: Fresh Dried    Store Capacity: 10, 000 MT

Packing: 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg / 40 kg / 50 kg  mesh bag / Jute bag

Pallets Per Container: 20 pallets-bags per container (1040 bags -- 25kgs per bag / 2600 bags --- 10 kg per bag)

Bags Per Pallet: 52 bags (25kgs per bag) / 130 bags (10kgs per bag)

Container Capacity: 13 to 14 MT loaded in 20 fts container / 26 to 28 MT loaded in 40 fts container

Optimum Temperature Maintained inside Container: 6 to 8 degree Celsius

Optimum Relative Humidity: 75 to 80% 

Certification: APEDA / HACCP / SGS / Phyto Sanitary 

Season : March to June

Price of Onion Today: USD199.00 Per Ton (FOB)

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