Mango has always been considered as the king of fruits, also known as Mangifera indica L, is among the most awaited fruits in India every year. Not only Mango’s sweet and tangy taste making most crave for this particular fruit, it is also considered as a key to health rejuvenation. Though consuming mangoes has countless health benefits, but being a seasonal fruit and the great refreshing taste it holds is what drives most towards this fruit. Apart from consuming Mangoes in its natural state and India being the highest Mango cultivators in the world there are several other Mango flavored products available in the domestic market. ​Alphonso (Haapoos in Marathi, in Gujarati, Aapoos in Kannada) is a mango cultivar that is considered by many to be one of the best in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor. With hundreds of varieties, mangoes are differentiated by weight (250 g to 2 kg), shape (oval, pear or kidney-shaped), colour of the skin (green, yellow, orange yellow, orange-red) and taste (more or less aromatically sweet). The flesh is yellow to yellow-orange, juicy and has a varying fibre content according to variety, whereby fruits with a high fibre content are generally not sold as fresh fruit, but are processed during which the fibres need to be removed. Mangoes have many different uses. Ripe fruits can be eaten fresh, or processed into juice, pulp, concentrate, candied fruits, jams, chutneys, canned fruits or dried.
Mangoes are special because of the care that we take in pre harvest, harvest, handling, packing and Logistics. We have our well defined procedures and out staff follow them meticulously to bring out the Mangoes which are delicious, safe to eat. Our procurement staffs select the Orchards from our list of registered growers at the flowering stage. Educate the farmers on the methods to take care of the fruit from the pests and other diseases. Regular inspection to see the progress of the orchard and to fix the harvest date.  The process is quite a task - the experience of our farmers in plucking the fruit when it’s at the right stage of ripening, the stages at our plant where each mango passes through our quality processes and finally, the packing where our mangoes are packed and delivered conforming to stringent standards.

 Real Alphonso Mangoes are an ideal treat for your family. Besides being high in vitamins, they are also rich in iron and overall, are an essential part of your diet.  The following is the 8-step process employed by the experts at GLOBADYN CORPORATION to bring export quality mangoes to your doorstep.


1. Logic Of Plucking:  Scientifically, Alphonso Mangoes are plucked at 85% Ripening Stage. Our experienced Agro-Technologists visually observe and select only the right mangoes. These mangoes then are taken over to for stringent quality tests at the highly technological export processing units of the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board.

2. The Logic of Specific Gravity Test:  Agro-technologists worldwide recommend the Specific Gravity Test for selecting the Right Alphonso Mangoes. The test involves 2 major processes. 

In the 1st, all mangoes go in a Distilled Water Chamber where unmatured mangoes float while right maturity and over matured mangoes sink down to the bottom. In case these unmatured mangoes were ripened then they would turn sour inspite of ripening.


In the 2nd Process, the right maturity mangoes (85% matured) float and get seperated from the over matured ones. In case the over matured mangoes were ripened then the chances of spongy tissue problem in them is more then 50% in them.

3. The Logic of Hot Water Treatment: Scientifically processed through the Hot Water Treatment in 55 degree Celsius, GLOBADYN CORPORATION ensures fungal free Real Alphonso Mangoes.

4. The Logic of Cleaning: Brush Rollers and Water Sprays remove unwanted elements from the mangoes. Sponge Rollers then soak out all the water. Finally, each and every mango is blow dried with hot air. The result – clean, rich Alphonso Mangoes.

5. The Logic of Right Size:  According to Agro-Technologists the world over, Spongy Tissue forms in mangoes that are over 275 gms. But Spongy Tissue drastically reduces in mangoes between 200-275 gms. Mango Magic Real Alphonso Mangoes are carefully picked and with our quality control measures you always get mangoes between 200-275 gms only.

6. The Logic of Right Weight:  State-of-the-Art Auto Grading Mechanisms ensure our Real Alphonso Mangoes are separated according to their correct weight. Thus, 200 gms mangoes go one way while 250 gms go another way. Thus, a 6 kg box will have 24 mangoes of 250 gms OR 26 mangoes of 230 gms OR 30 mangoes of 200 gms


7. The Logic of Ripening: To take advantage of early mango season prices people use hazardous chemicals like Sodium Carbide for ripening. Because of this mangoes gets richer in colour on the outside but remains unripe on the inside, hampering the taste and nutritional value of the mangoes.


GLOBADYN CORPORATION takes great care in ripening the mangoes naturally by the traditional "Aadi" system wherein mangoes are stacked in hay for 5-7 days. For us, no other process will do.

8. The Logic of High Nutritional Value: Finally, you have high nutritional Real Alphonso Mangoes from GLOBADYN CORPORATION.  GLOBADYN'S Alphonsoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and Iron. Mangoes increase haemoglobin content in blood and enhance resistance to disease. GLOBADYN'S Real Alphonso Mangoes are ideal for children and elders alike. 


Alphonso Mango: We only export farm fresh Grade-A Alphonso Mangoes. Each Mango will weigh 220 - 350 grams.

Product Name : Mango                                  Product Type:    Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit                    Style:       Fresh

Variety:     Alphonso                                        Color while Shipping:  Green with Pale Yellow                  Cultivation Type: Common

Colour:  Yellow (Ripen)                                     Size (cm):    10-16                                                                     Grade:   Premium  Grade A


Brand Name: GLOBADYN                              Weight per Piece: 0.250 to 0.300 Gms                                 Origin:  India


Taste:  Delicious Sweet                                   Quality: Premium Grade A                                                      Shelf Life: 7-10 Days

Ripened: 100%  Natural                                  Maturity:  80%                                                                         Certification: ISO / APEDA


Packing Detail:  12-16 per 5KG Box             Carton Weight :  5 Kgs                                                            Shipping:  By Air


Weight per Mango 220-350 Grams              Number of Mangoes Per 5KG Box: 12-16                          Packing : Carton Box    


Harvest Season: March to August                 Lead Time:  Shipped in 7 days after payment

Loading Capacity: 1500 Kilogram to 2000 Kilogram per Consignment by air. 


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram Per Consignment

Price: FOB  USD 2.00 Per Kilogram


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