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The potato is one of the vegetables and it available in different types and characteristics so people can eat potatoes. Normally potatoes are starchy food items and also nutritionally great for health. The people should know about how to store potatoes, buy potatoes and usages of various types of potatoes. Generally potatoes are highly suitable for preparing various recipes so we highly like to cook potatoes. The health and nutritional benefits are highly present in a potato so nutritionists highly refer to eat potatoes for healthy life. The General types and Characteristic of Potatoes Generally in these days people highly suffered by vitamin deficiency problems so their need to take nutritional and natural fruits and vegetables for improve the health. The potatoes highly beneficial and it is a potato a vegetable so it never affects any health issues. The russet potato is one of the types of potatoes and it available in oval and slender shaped with hard brown skin. The russet potatoes are highly useful to prepare mashing and frying potato recipes. The white , yellow and red potatoes are highly in round shape and it only contain low starch content and these types of potatoes are effective for streaming, boiling and other roasting and it also good for some butter salads. The new potatoes are highly harvested and it highly available in winter season and it size is too low and it also effective for steaming, roasting and boiling. The common people can make different recipes with potatoes so it highly useful for prepare a snacks and cookies. However all the potatoes are highly provide beneficial for users so people have to take more potatoes contained food items for effective and healthy life. The Important Tips for store and buying Potatoes In these present days people need to buy vegetable from groceries and other retailing shops so users should carful with buying any vegetables. The major energy sources are highly contained in vegetables so we have lots of responsibility when choosing right potatoes. Generally potatoes need to have nice skins and it not covered by blemishes and sprouts. We have to avoid some potatoes when it is wrinkled skin, damaged eyes, improper surface, unwanted dark spots, decayed and sunken spots on vegetables.  We have to choose unwashed potatoes because it can be spoil soon when washed and we should avoid some greenish tint. The common people need to have good shaped size potatoes for healthy life and it make you life so energetic.  Normally potatoes are highly stored in good ventilated dry and dark or cool places and it highly safe from outside natures. The potatoes should be in 45F to 55F and we can store potatoes for few weeks and clearly potatoes are should not placed in refrigerators because it fully starchy content so it can provide changes in taste. The potatoes are should placed with onions and it can change the properties of potatoes.

Nature has gifted a large number of beneficial things for the human being to help them stay healthy and strong. As this way, the vegetables, fruits and herbs are the most essential food items for every person. In fact, there is a wide range of vegetables and fruits available throughout the world and all of them have unique features in their own. So, when you take these kinds of herbal items, then you can definitely get the strongest body in the healthiest manner. As this way, potato is one of the food items which provide a lot of healthy features for the people. It has a wide range of health benefits that helps the people to stay strong forever.  Even though, it gives a lot of features, most of the people have confused like is a potato a vegetable or a fruit. In this article, you will find the solution for this mysterious question in the easiest manner. Botanically, the potatoes are classified as the vegetables, but it has high amount of starch and so it is called as one of the starchy food. The reason is that, when the potato is taken as a part of the meal, they are generally used in place of other starchy carbohydrates like the pasta and bread or rice. So, the Department of Health says that the potatoes play the most important role in the diet and so it is recommended to take nearly five portions of vegetables and fruits a day. This will give you stronger and health in your body. In such a manner, a medium sized potato can have the healthiest nutrition like 27 g of Vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for caring your skin. However, the Vitamin C level in the 5 ounces of potatoes is more than in the 100 grams of tomatoes or grapes. Added to that, the potato also has some other nutritional items like 0.2 mg of Vitamin B6 that is highly essential for the functioning of your nervous system. As well as, it also contains some other vitamins such as B1 and B2 to give the proper effects of thiamine and riboflavin. Furthermore, it contains some other nutrient content like the carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sugar, sodium, zinc, fibre, folate, niacin, copper, manganese with little amount of saturated fatty acids. When it comes to the effects of potatoes, it has a wide range of health habits and so anyone can use it for getting the health benefits. As this manner, it can be effective for providing the features against the colon cancer and some other diseases. In addition to that, they are used in the cuisines and so it is possible to prepare a variety of recipes by using the potatoes. However, they are also used in the industrial purposes and so it can be used to brew the alcoholic drinks like the vodka or akvait. As this way, a purely vegetable is the answer for the question is a potato a vegetable and so you can also take them to get the possible health benefits.

Why Us?

GLOBADYN CORPORATION brings you the best quality potatoes one can avail. Since our crops are farmed in the farmers' lands directly supervised and controlled by us, we pay high attention over the quality of crops and utilize superior farming techniques in their cultivation. We ensure that the nutritive value of our potatoes grown or sourced are high and it benefits the health of our consumers. Here are some of our qualities which makes us different from other suppliers in the market:


  • Our potatoes do not contain any rotten or inferior quality crop

  •  We use to conduct a series of checking to maintain the cleanliness and quality of the potatoes for the shipment

  • We have tie-ups with such transportation agencies that are run by internationally reputed shipping lines who possess refrigerated containers to keep the potatoes safe.

  • We use mesh and jute bags for the packaging the potatoes and properly sealed.

  • We accept minimum order quantity of 15 mts for export.

Price And Quantity

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 15 mts.

  • Unit of Measure : Ton/ Tons

Product Specifications

  • Product Type: Potato

  • Cultivation Type: Common

  • Variety: Chandramukhi, Jyoti

  • Vegetable Part: Whole

  • Vegetable Type: Dried Vegetables

  • Maturity: Matured

  • Grade: High Quality

  • Size: Big, Medium

  • Color: Brown, Yellow

  • Shape: Ball

  • Taste: Typical

  • Glutinous: Non Glutinous

  • Processing Type: Dried

  • Drying Process: Sunlight

  • Preservation Process: Other

  • Weight: 150 to 200 Grams (g)

  • Origin: India

Product Description

Instructions for storage :                                                                                      


                  DEGREE CELSIUS.


For Seed Potatoes  :   To be stored between  0.5 Degree Celsius to 2.0 Degree Celsius  for longer

                                       Period.  Beware of freezing when storing close to 0.5 Degree ensure adequate              

                                      air circulation and optimum Relative Humidity 85% to 95%.


For Table Potatoes :  Optimum product temperature for longer period of storage is 5.5 Degree

                                      Celsius with adequate air circulation.

                                      Optimum Relative Humidity is 90+/- 5%.  N.B.:  RH below 85% may result in loss         

                                      Of Weight.

Trade Information

  • Payment Terms: Advance / Letter of Credit

  • Supply Ability: 100 mt per month

  • Delivery Time: 2 Weeks

  • Packaging Details: Packed in 50 kgs Jute or Mesh bags

  • Main Export Market(s): Asia, Australia, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Africa


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