Gherkins may be also served as an appetizer or snack, often with loads of cheese. Gherkins are widely enjoyed with a burger.Gherkins are often prepared in a brine of water, vinegar and sugar and can be sweet if the sugar content is fairly high. Most gherkin brines are flavored with herbs such as tarragon, rosemary and/or thyme. Mustard seeds are usually added to the gherkin jar. Gherkins are the one of the special ingredients of the McDonald's burger ,which makes the McDonald's burger unique and tasty .Gherkins have always been a signature ingredient in the unique taste of McDonald's hamburgers. 




The major raw materials required are fresh cucumber (Gherkins) of different grade, common salt, Calcium Chloride, Potassium meta bi-sulphite , Acetic acid and Natural Vinegar. The major packing material required is 240 liters and 260 liters capacity HDPE drums for both processing and exports purpose.

The unit supplies seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers. The unit collects the required grade cucumbers from time to time from these farmers during season with the help of transport vehicle.


The manufacturing process for the gherkins in simple. The fresh cucumbers collected from the farm are once again graded depending upon the size and number of cucumbers per kg. Then the graded cumbers are washed thoroughly with water by using specially designed washing machine in order to remove the dirt and other agro wastes. The cleaned cucumbers are put in HDPE drums and then the required solution is pumped in and sealed a tight by covering with the HDPE cover and rubber seal. The cucumbers are kept in the solution depending upon the type of gherkins manufactured. After the requisite period of stabilization the gherkins are washed and a fresh solution is added in order to avoid worm formation. This product is tested for its quality and then dispatch.

There are three variety of gherkin one is Brine gherkins the second one is acetic acid gherkins and the third one is natural vinegar. Incase of brine gherkins brine solution is used for stabilization for a period of 21 days, whereas the acetic acid and vinegar gherkins require about 10-15 days. The stabilization period depends upon the quality of cucumbers.

Gherkins fruits contain 98% of water, which clearly indicates that it is a water loving crop hence the production centers have to be only in areas with abundant and assured supply of water. The plant belonging to cucurbitaceous family needs bright sunshine. In a nutshell we can say that gherkins will perform better in areas with desert conditions with a temperature range of 15-35 C but with very high water availability. As hybrid seeds are used the nutrient supply should be adequately ensured to get better yield. Use of more fertilizer will induce fungus / disease out break which needs to be tackled by following prophylactic treatment.


a. 1 Grade: Cucumber size: 3-6cm (best tasty):
Length of a Cucumber: 3-6cm
Volume of a Jar: 720ml
Packing: 12 jars/carton box
Price: / carton box
Quantity in Container: 1,800 cartons/20FT Container

b. 2 Grade: Cucumber size: 4-7cm
Length of a Cucumber: 4-7cm
Volume of a Jar: 720ml
Packing: 12 jars/carton box
Price: / carton box
Quantity in Container: 1,800 cartons/20FT Container

c. 3 Grade: Cucumber size: 6-9cm
Length of a Cucumber: 6-9cm
Volume of a Jar: 720ml
Packing: 12 jars/carton box
Price: / carton box
Quantity in Container: 1,800 cartons/20FT Container

d. 3 Grade: Cucumber size: 9-12cm
Length of a Cucumber: 9-12cm
Volume of a Jar: 1500ml
Packing: 6 jars/carton box
Price: / carton box

Quantity in Container: 1,750 cartons/20FT Container

Quick Details:

Style:   Canned                                                 Type:   Pickled Cucumber

Type jars:  Glass bottle                                   Color:     Natural Light Yellow

Ingredient:   Baby cucumber                         Preservation Process:    Salt

Flavor:   Salty                                                    Shelf Life:    2 Years
Product Type:   Ready                                     Origin: INDIA


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